My Favorite Writers Tag

An insanely long video in which I dare to explore my library to find my favorite writers, in the fashion of the My Favorite Writers Tag.

Writers mentioned:

Elizabeth Kostova: 00:35
Giovanni Papini: 04:13
Michel Foucault: 06:30
Milan Kundera: 09:08
Francisco Umbral: 11:23
Charles Baudelaire: 13:31
Umberto Eco: 15:02
Friedrich Nietzsche: 17:38
José Emilio Pacheco: 19:55
Charles Bukowski: 21:51
William Blake: 24:56
Virginia Woolf: 27:11
William Burroughs: 29:29
Jorge Luis Borges: 32:15
Sylvia Plath: 35:13
Arthur Rimbaud: 36:54

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