Aknowledgments | Reconocimientos

Fête des Lumières 2016, Still Laps Program (L’Abat-Jour Gallerie, Lyon, France).

International Video Art Festival «Now&After» 2016, Still Laps Program (Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia).

Nit Electro Sonora 2013 Official Selection (Flix, Catalonia, Spain).

Estivales d’Art Contemporain 2012 Official Selection (Île-de-France, France).

Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Permanent Video-Art Collection (Casoria, Italy).

MAGMART Video Under The Volcano Winner, 2012 (Italy).

Featured at Central Station Film Curatorial Selection (, Scotland).


Video-Art by Daniel Iván.
Images, Sound and Score: Daniel Iván.
Camera, Motion Graphics and edition: Daniel Iván.
Sound: Stereo
Image: Color/Black & White
Total running time: 05:20
June 2011.

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